Is what you’re doing BLW? And does it matter?

您在做的是不是BLW? 這有差嗎?

I get lots of questions about whether it’s possible to switch from conventional weaning to baby-led weaning, or to do a bit of both. I also hear stories about parents being asked to leave online groups because they aren’t ‘true’ BLWers. So I thought it was about time I explained my thinking on all of this.

我收到很多問題有關能否從傳統餵食轉換成BLW, 或者兩種都做的? 我也聽到一些父母被要求離開網路社群團體因為他們不是真正的”BLW執行者。所以我想差不多是時候來解釋一下我對此的看法。

What IS BLW?



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